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we are tracking the storms in the north bay, next in a live report where flood waters took a toll on drivers. >> four men are arrested for the murder of a 16-year-old girl. stay tuned. we'll have a live report and tell you all about it. the bay area is wet again, and while the rain is good for the region, it has been tough for commuters. this was the scene in mill valley where caltran had to shut down a portion of a road because of flooding. the rain affected most of the bay area today. you can see time lapse footage of the san francisco bay area, the waves coming fast and furious and another freeway
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flooded. how much will the rain continue? we'll get that question answered. >> the brunt of the storm is coming at us right now, just making landfall and we're seeing scattered showers across the bay area. here is a closer look to stormtracker 4, widespread showers around the bay and just off the coast there, a very strong band of moderate to heavy rainfall. most could be light showers, but the stronger stuff is in the overnight hours. in fact, look at what we've got right now. this is the south bay, over half an inch an hour in morgan hill. the east bay, significant rainfall, and north bay, we have some rainfall. that will change, and the rain will increase with intensity
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and we could see lightning strikes and hail and different problems, including flash floods in some of the regions. >> we are live in marin county where a number of areas got more than an inch of rain. how does it look now? >> reporter: right now it's not bad. it's cold and damp with sprinkles on and off, but earlier it was an absolute mess. what a way to start off the morning, stuck in flood waters standing on top of shoreline highway, and it wasn't just cars. motorcycles were caught, too, keeping towing companies busy. you can't say drivers weren't warned, however. >> they put the cones up here if a safety issue. >> reporter: can tran closed this area off in the late morning and early afternoon near the highway 101 on ramp, divert
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flood water trickled back into the bay. some people passing through were frustrated being held up from getting to work. >> i have about eight guy was me, behind me, and we're waiting to get over here. i hope they can get it clear or drained, or whatever they are going to do. >> reporter: the park and ride offshore line also flooded and gates were put up, blocking access to about half the lot with some cars suffering interior water damage, causing some people to think twice before parking here during the next storm. >> there used to be warning spots. >> reporter: it remains indicated up and the signs say it will remain that way through the morning. >> we are covering the weather all over the bay. we have a special page dedicated to complete storm coverage on
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kron, a click away from current conditions. you can download our mobile app. new tonight at 11:00, pg & e says there's more than 9,000 people in the bay area without power right now, marking the third time-out this week a part of the region has had an outage, over 7,000 of thousands affected are in the north bay. more than 6,000 customers in sonoma are without power. the east bay, more than 1,000 people are without power. the south bay and san francisco also have customers without power at this hour, but those numbers are low. no word on when the power will be back on. four men suspected of shooting at a car on interstate 580 are in custody tonight. this video from our helicopter partnership with abc 7. police say the men opened fire on a truck with a man and a
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little girl inside happening yet afternoon. hours after the shooting they were spotted by the sheriff officers and taken into custody by highway patrol. >> when something like that happens on the freeway, a lot of times you think you will never see that person again, and it was great that law enforcement was able to have a level of awareness to react to that and actually bring several people in to custody. >> the suspects were arrested with three guns, two of which were confirmed stolen. police are not releasing the suspect names or whether they are saying whether the guns were used in the shooting. detectives have given some closure to a family who 16-year-old girl was shot and killed earlier this month. today they announced the arrest of these four men. these are the suspect expect mugshots. each as prior run-ins with law
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enforcement. she was not the intended target but the teen boy she was with at the time. we are live with the latest. >> reporter: the family says they are happy to hear about the arrests but say no amount of justice will bring her back. >> everybody is happy and excited. my friends were happy they were locked up. they won't be on the streets doing this again or doing this to another family. >> reporter: the family was thrilled to find out about the arrests of the four men with gang ties. police say 19-year-old rico and 22-year-old rodriguez are documented gang members. police say 21-year-old dishman and 24rendattoa are gang associates. all four were arrested friday
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morning and charged with her murder and conspiracy. the father has strong words. >> everyday, i hope somebody make you, everyday, be invisible. i'm sorry for your parents but you are asking for this and now you got it. and why? why did you do that to my daughter. >> reporter: several guns were taken during the raid today and those guns are going to the lab to be tested. kron 4 news. still to come, a would-be robber gets more than he
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bargained for. we'll hear from the clerk who fought back. the woman behind an attack on a singer at a music festival. the fbi wants to know where in the world is daniel , all coming up next. [dad] [laughs]
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the picture of a fugitive wanted for bombings in the bay area will appear on billboards. the fbi is posting this billboard, featured in seven different states. he's wanted in connection with bombings back in '03 and he's on the fbi's most wanted terrorist list. he should be considered armed and dangerous. coming up next, the storms may be a good thing for the bay area water levels, but some commuters may beg to differ after heavy storm damage. a man intent on robbing a
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san carlos store gets more than he expected. we'll hear from the clerk coming up next. safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to find big savings on the things you need. just make a straight line to safeway. your club card gets you deals you can't find anywhere else. right now, breakfast is on. oscar mayer bacon is only $3.99. rise and shine with simply orange oj, just $2.98. and oikos greek yogurt is only a buck. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life.
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a quick look at the day's top stories. if you are heading to sfo, call ahead. there's a chance your flight could be canceled. if you are lucky, it's just pushed back. this flight here should have
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taken off at 3:15 and now it's 6:25 in the evening, one of dozens of flights pushed back. this is not the only airport on the west coast in california, but also lax. so call ahead. if you are lucky, you will just be delayed. on friday the golden gate bridge district board of directors approve add series of toll increases. tolls will go from $5 to $6, and pay by plate goes from $6 to $7, and over the next few years, there will be small increases, and in 2018 they will top out at $7 for fast track and $8 for pay by plate. they need the extra money in order to make up for a $142 million projected budget deficit. kron 4 news. a terrifying day for a clerk, fighting off a man who
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tried to steal money from the cash register. we have the surveillance video of what happened and intersection view with the clerk you will only see on kron 4. >> what are you doing? open it. >> reporter: a demand from the suspect is heard loud and clear but the scream to stop came even louder from the store clerk. >> help, help, help. >> i was trying to push him out, that he was not allowed in this area, and me and him struggled. >> reporter: he has only worked here in san carlos for two months. he hasn't even told his family about this attempted robbery. he says the suspect came in through the front door and went right towards him. while the suspect never showed a weapon, he kept motioning toward his waistband. >> he wanted me to open the register, and i told him no.
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>> reporter: the struggled d w fought off the attempted robber successfully, it's not what the sheriff's office recommend. >> we advice advise people to not fight back. proppy can be replaced -- property can be replaced but you can't. >> reporter: the suspect left the store in a white pickup truck. they have not caught the suspect but described as white and 6'2". new at 11:00, the woman in the middle of this attack on a blues singer pleaded no contest to elder abuse charges. he dedicate add song to trayvon martin during a festival. a plea agreement was entered
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into which will put her on five years of probation and in a residential treatment facility for mental health and substance abuse issues. she will be formally sentenced on april 11. four police officers pleaded not guilty in federal court to performing illegal searches and procedures. allegations surfaced when this video of surveillance was released by the public offender. the officers were recorded allegedly performing the searching during drug busts. two other officers are also being charged but did not answer a plea today. they were released on bond. we're looking at rainfall
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totals, totals that are being added to with rain starting to fall now. san francisco, an inch of rain, and it might be well over now that it's starting to come down, so significant rainfall totals. this is storm system number 3. they have been coming back to back to back. about 45 minutes from now, this is where we'll stand and have significant rainfall throughout the north bay and spreading into the east bay. scattered showers for the most part as the morning progresses and the showers will scatter further where you can see daylight coming through. at 6:00 a.m. we'll see sunshine breaking through. severe weather for tonight. overnight, thunderstorms and hail and possibly lightning and
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a flash-flood warning still in effect for coastal hills and up to 2 inches of rain and we had reports of tornadoes touching down in the sacramento area. wind speeds, 16 mph in half moon bay, 14 in san jose, and 10 in livermore, so the coastal regions and the mountain areas are feeling it. sfo is feeling it. we are averaging 192 minutes, and that is an average for travel. the sierra forecast, lots of snow coming, much-needed and anticipated and a lot of excited people heading to tahoe. tomorrow, bring your chains if you are planning on driving on interstate 80 or highway 50, likely required. the afternoon highs, the north
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bay, 60 in san rafael drying out off and on next week. a bit of a scary moment in the cleveland as a fan runs onto the court. we have all of that coming up in sports next!
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the warriors were back at madison square garden, the first time since he scored 54 points
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a year ago. from the get-go, curry and golden state owned them, and curry hit a 3-pointer and the warriors were up 21 at halftime. curry, 20s points before intermission. klay thompson had a big game. curry ends up with 27 points, 11 rebounds, 11 assists, all warriors, 123-103, and 5-1 since the all-star break, and next up for golden state, they're in toronto on sunday. the latest example of the fans getting too close. in cleveland during the 4th quarter of the cavaliers-jazz game, here comes somebody running up to irving, pattm on was not harmed, but you just can't
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trust these people, get drunk, get this liquid encourage, so get them out of there. irving said the fan kept telling him, i love you, i love you, and he said back, i love you, too! lebron's mask, for what it's worth, the nba requested he change to a clear mask when the heat play tomorrow night. there you go. james said he would prefer the mask he wore last evening but we'll wait and see. he's talking to the nba. tonight in buffalo, a fellow named ryan vinn is a video scout and looks at film all day long but the sabers traded their backup goalie so he had to sit there in uniform. the sabers didn't need to use
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him. here comes buffalo, beating san jose 4-2 if buffalo. the man who belittled him, incognito, the report tonight has him in a psychiatric care ukraine in it in arizona. this business came to a head when this picture got out of him taking a baseball bat and beating up his $300,000 car. there you go, incognito, nothing to crack wise about here, the man in a psychiatric care ukraine in it in arizona. again, reportedly -- you don't know where they come from -- but reportedly it was not voluntary. the baseball network had a little tweet your face of baseball poll and you could get in there and say who you think is the face of baseball, and the giants are represented by posey,
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and the winner was david wright, but this fellow, a self-proclaimed nerd with glasses, he sad guys like curry backing him up, you could get on the internet and vote and everybody backed him just for something different. if you believe the voting, it was 51% for wright, and if you ever had to say something was fixed, this may very well have been because you can't have eric beat posey and then become, quote, the face of baseball. there's the little tweet, thanks for your support, showing everybody you are the best fans of the game. hope you had as much fun as i did. i'll be talking to people about now and 5:00 a.m. tweet fun! >> have a good night, everybody,
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torrent at the oscars. >> it is a wet mess. >> and who put a heroin needle in the oscar statue? then mass movement. all 12 screens sold out for "son of god." >> this is so important. skip church. and not guilty. >> very, very, very grateful. just revealed, is kerry kennedy really dating a hunky actor, 19 years younger? >> what we have learned about her new guy. then, you will never guess who was drunk and passed out at a casino. and dead man walking. >> the man declared dead until he kicked his way out of a body bag at the funeral home. plus -- >> blurred lines. >> -- singer robin thicke, he wants to win his wife back. >> i'm trying to get my girl back. [ cheering and applaus]

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